IMG_0680In this workshop we aim to share a dynamic way of dancing Contact-Improvisation :
CI requires a sensitivity to each other presence, intentions and movements. But bringing a lot of energy in the dance might go against this ability to be sensitive to one another. But we like Contact-Improvisation and we like to be dynamic… so we have been searching for a way of combining those tastes together ! And we have developed a dance that involves energy and still allows us to remain connected to one another.

In the workshop we develop ways of connecting the energy of our center, ways of moving together through space, ways of feeling each other movements and intentions through space, and ways to allow acrobatics to happen in the dance, within the body connection we are engaged in.

We want the participants to be able to take risk in their dance. We want to lead them into a dance where they can let go of thinking, allowing their ability to move to depend on the sensitivity and on the intelligence of their bodies. We want to open the possibility of a dance which is lead by our instincts ; as those instincts are a path for our desires to happen, as well as they are the path which will provide us the safety we need when we engage ourselves into dynamic movements.